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public by JKCPR created May 12, 2017  217  0  5  1

is your DOM classy? Wouldn't your console like to know...

Intended as Dev Tool to be utilised in the browser console so that refactoring your messy CSS can be less hurty.
  function (){
  "use strict";

  //get ALL DOM elements => BODY > *, BODY *
  var elms = document.body.getElementsByTagName("*"),
      i = elms.length,
      arr = [],
  //iterate, isolate, finally indicate
  while( i-- ) {
      classArray = elms[i].className.split(/\s+/);
      if (classArray.length > 1) {
          arr.push( classArray[1] );
  console.log( arr.join(',') );
  return arr;

public by JKCPR created Oct 31, 2016  1913  2  5  1

Matching Height - using CSS @element query

A simple elegant solution to matching element heights using the @element query.
//  Some html setup required
    <div id=thing1>Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit. Nemo, temporibus consequuntur velit dolor! Eos animi molestias  found here <a href="http://codepen.io/tomhodgins/pen/yadeXV"> thanks Tommy </a>aliquid eum error officiis vel et saepe a facilis, voluptate dignissimos nam assumenda, deleniti.</div>
    <div id=thing2>This one doesn't have as much text as id=thing1… so it's set to 100eh, or 100 element height units for #thing1, which makes it the same height.</div>

div {
  margin: 1em 0;
  width: 50%;
  float: left;
  color: black;
  background: lime;
#thing2 {
  background: red;
@element '#thing1' {
  #thing2 {
    height: 100eh;

public by JKCPR created Sep 20, 2016  8507  1  5  1

AngularJS 'Ctrl as vm' pattern

Within controller use 'var varname' if it is only needed internally, anything which needs to be bound to the ViewModel uses 'vm.varname' because in 'Controller as vm' pattern you forego using $scope to bind to the ViewModel and instead use the vm.object instead. Sometimes $scope is necessary but less so using this pattern....vm is readable and conv
// AngularJS 'Controller As vm' pattern
  "use strict";

  var app = angular.module('app')
    .controller('Customers', [function() {
      var vm = this; //this is implicitly bound to controller's scope
      vm.title = 'Customers';
      vm.customers = [
        {name: 'Haley'}, {name: 'Ella'}, {name: 'Landon'}, {name: 'John'}
    .controller('Shells', [function() {
      var vm = this; //this need not be named identically as in HTML
      vm.title = 'Shells';
      vm.shells = [
        {name: 'Main Shells'}, {name:'Half Shells'},{name: 'Quarter Shells'}

<div ng-controller="Shell as shellVm">
  <h1>{{  shellVm.title }}</h1>
  <article ng-controller="Customers as customersVm">
    <h2> {{ customersVm.title }} in </h2>
    <ul ng-repeat="c in customersVm.customers">
      <li>{{ c.name }}</li>

public by JKCPR created May 31, 2016  2697  1  5  1

@each Sass Directive - processing icons

A nice DRY approach to writing your huge icon collection into stylesheets
// @each Sass Directive
$icon-names: (twitter '\e004' ), (facebook '\e005' ), (gplus '\e006' );

%ico-font-base {
    font-family: 'ico-fonts';
    speak: none;
    font-style: normal;
    font-weight: normal;
    line-height: 1;
    text-transform: none;
    //Better Font Rendering
    -webkit-font-smoothing: antialiased;
    -moz-osx-font-smoothing: grayscale;

@each $icon-name in $icon-names {
    .icon-#{nth($icon-name, 1)}:after {
        @extend %ico-font-base;
        content: nth($icon-name, 2);

public by JKCPR created May 27, 2016  2684  1  5  1

Sass a:pseudo state @mixin

=linx ($link, $visit, $hover, $active) 
    color: $link
    font-weight: bolder
      color: $visit
      color: $hover
      color: $active
$a-tags: 'a, a:link, a:visited'
$a-tags-hover: 'a:active, a:hover'
#{$a-tags} #{$a-tags-hover} 
  text-decoration: none
ul li
  +linx(#E4EAEA, #0cc, #c0c, #cc0)