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Adding a *.jar file (originating from java-wrapped C++ code) to an SBT project classpath

I thought using unmanaged dependencies in SBT projects was simply dropping a jar file into the lib directory, until I bought an SDK for a biometric device. Both the C++ and the Java packages were provided. I opted for the Java package, copying the provided jar file and the JNI (*.so) files into the appropriate locations and configuring the ja
 * In my <code>build.sbt</code> file, I appended a blank line and then the following:

libraryDependencies += "groupID" % "artifactId" % "revision" from "file:///home/Danogbuagu/Projects/biometric-lib/filename.jar"

// where,
// groupID for example is like: com.zigzagcompany 
// artifactId for example is like: zigzag
// revision for example is like: 1.3.4
// Remember the line befor the code and that after.

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Creating MongoDb Compound Indexes in Liftweb (i.e. Scala)

// Assuming the following Person class and companion object:
class Person extends MongoRecord[Person] with ObjectIdPk[Person] {
  def meta = Person

  object surname extends StringField(this, 40) 

  object firstName extends StringField(this, 40) 

  object otherNames extends StringField(this, 40) {
    override def optional_? = true
  // other fields ...

object Person extends Person with MongoMetaRecord[Person]
with RogueMetaRecord[Person] with Loggable {

  import mongodb.BsonDSL._

  override def collectionName = "Persons"

// Now, here's the compound index, unique on the combined fields.
  val nameKeys = (surname.name -> 1) ~ (firstName.name -> 1)
  createIndex(nameKeys, unique = true)