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Open a subshell remotely

Suppose you want a script that create a tar, copy and unzip it on a server...
//  A typical use is when you are working on a web site locally and you want to deploy it to a server.
tar -C . -cf - "$dirname" | ssh user@ "tar -C /www/ -xvf -; # other commands.."
// furthermore you can add whatever command you want, like chmod for your files permissions.. 

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sh: recursive find and replace

# find "X_ABC_IPv4Address" into every *.xml file located under /tmp/test, and replace it with X_ABC_ACLRule. 
# 2>/dev/null avoid error prints when for istance, a symbolink link is found under a subdir 

grep -lr X_ABC_IPv4Address /tmp/test --include *.xml 2>/dev/null | xargs sed -i "s|X_ABC_IPv4Address|X_ABC_ACLRule|g"


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sh: avoid runtime error when a variable is supposed to contain a number but it is actually empty

[ ${myNum:-0} -eq 0 ] && echo ok
# ok

[ ${myNum:-1} -eq 1 ] && echo ok
# ok

[ ${myNum:-1} -gt 0 ] && echo ok
# ok

[ ${myNum:-0} -gt 1 ] || echo "0 is not greater than 1"
# 0 is not greater than 1

# This behaviour comes from the common way to extract a substring from a 
# variable
tmp='mississippi'; echo ${tmp:0:2}
# mi

echo ${tmp:1:1}
# i

echo ${tmp:2}
# ssissippi