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iOS - Swift - Add a Done button to a Keyboard Tool Bar

Adding a done button to the keyboard tool bar and working within the textField delegate to make that happen. In this situation the keyboard is a number pad which doesn't have its own done button.
//MARK: - Helper Methods
// This is called to remove the first responder for the text field.
func resign() {
// This triggers the textFieldDidEndEditing method that has the textField within it.  
//  This then triggers the resign() method to remove the keyboard.
//  We use this in the "done" button action.
func endEditingNow(){
//MARK: - Delegate Methods
// When clicking on the field, use this method.
func textFieldShouldBeginEditing(textField: UITextField) -> Bool {

    // Create a button bar for the number pad
    let keyboardDoneButtonView = UIToolbar()
    // Setup the buttons to be put in the system.
    let item = UIBarButtonItem(title: "Done", style: UIBarButtonItemStyle.Bordered, target: self, action: Selector("endEditingNow") )
    var toolbarButtons = [item]
    //Put the buttons into the ToolBar and display the tool bar
    keyboardDoneButtonView.setItems(toolbarButtons, animated: false)
    textField.inputAccessoryView = keyboardDoneButtonView

    return true
// What to do when a user finishes editting
func textFieldDidEndEditing(textField: UITextField) {
    //nothing fancy here, just trigger the resign() method to close the keyboard.
// Clicking away from the keyboard will remove the keyboard.
override func touchesBegan(touches: (NSSet!), withEvent event: (UIEvent!)) {
// called when 'return' key pressed. return NO to ignore.
// Requires having the text fields using the view controller as the delegate.
func textFieldShouldReturn(textField: UITextField!) -> Bool {
    // Sends the keyboard away when pressing the "done" button
    return true