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Over a strong Italian coffee, Cristiano and Michele, PhDs and seasoned developers, decided to tackle a problem plaguing software coders everywhere... "How do we stop re-inventing the wheel?" Every developer is familiar with the problem.

Snippets, the elemental building blocks of source code, have never been easily documentable and searchable – a situation forcing coders to either use inefficient means to search for appropriate snippets OR recreate the snippet from scratch. Cristiano and Michele set out to solve the problem rather than simply live with it. Many, many hours of brainstorming, problem-solving, and development followed.

So was born, Snip2Code, a maximally efficient, collaborative platform painstakingly designed to catalogue, search, and share snippets. Key to these innovators’ solution, a powerful semantic search engine utilizing system-generated and user-generated contextual tags ensuring the best possible snippet for a given coding task. No more rework. No more clunky and unproductive searches.

Deployed first as a free tool for the open source developer community, Snip2Code has become the go-to platform where developers across the globe access the world’s largest database of individual snippets. As the utility of the platform became known, Cristiano and Michele turned their attention toward solving the same problem for software companies and proprietary development shops. Snip2Code now operates in development organizations across the world.

Cristiano Ghersi
Kelly Marcilliat
Michele Ursino
Alberto Sillitti

Cristiano Ghersi has spent the last fifteen years architecting and developing software systems in several fields from Rolling Stock environments to the Internet of Things. Leading large teams of developers to create innovative solutions for Fortune 500 firms in multiple verticals, Cristiano has focused himself on the interface of software and business operations, expanding his teams' technical expertise, and improving lifecycle management of complex enterprise projects. As Chief Executive Officer, Cristiano guides Snip2Code's efforts to accomplish its mission - transformation of the software development experience. Cristiano graduated magna cum laude from the University of Genoa, where he also attained his PhD. Outside Snip2Code, Cristiano enjoys playing tennis and football.
Kelly Marcilliat is a twenty year veteran of the integrated technology space, where he has attained distinction in leadership of sales, business development, and organizational change. During his career, Kelly has established and expanded 8-figure foundational relationships with numerous Fortune 100 companies in the financial and retail technology space. Kelly’s global experience with growth management in the software and services space has allowed him to provide critical path consultation to a number of technology and services start-ups as well as to industry analysts and investors. As Chief Revenue Officer, Kelly is responsible for the full stream of revenue from marketing to revenue recognition. Away from work, Kelly enjoys spending time with his family, hiking, and traveling. Kelly graduated magna cum laude from the University of South Alabama.
Michele Ursino is a principal thought leader for the Snip2Code innovation team and has been an adviser to the founder since day one. Michele advises and guides the company on usability, practical application, and architecture to ensure scalability and applicability to the enterprise environment. Michele is a veteran of the software development and architecture space with accomplished tenures at Autodesk, American Media, and Leica Geosystems, where he directs the Cloud Technologies group. Michele holds a PhD from the Politecnico of Milan, Italy, where he focused on Modeling, Simulation and Rendering techniques. In the spare time, Michele enjoys photography.
Advising Board Member of Snip2Code, Alberto Sillitti is a full professor on the faculty of Computer Science and Engineering at Innopolis University in the Russian Federation where he is also the Director of the Institute of Information Systems. Alberto has contributed to several EU funded projects in Open Source Software, Services Architectures, and Agile Methods where he has provided non-invasive measurement expertise. Alberto has served as program committee member or chair of several international conferences including OSS 2007, XP 2010, and XP 2011. Alberto's research includes: open source development, empirical software engineering, web services, mobile and energy-aware software development, and quality of cyber-physical systems. Alberto has authored more than 150 papers published in multiple journals and conferences. In addition to his technical pursuits, Alberto enjoys jogging and skiing.