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Simple SQL Transaction

typical transaction method
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-- start a transaction start transaction; -- get latest order number select @orderNumber := max(orderNUmber) from orders; -- set new order number set @orderNumber = @orderNumber + 1; -- insert a new order for customer 145 insert into orders(orderNumber, orderDate, requiredDate, shippedDate, status, customerNumber) values(@orderNumber, now(), date_add(now(), INTERVAL 5 DAY), date_add(now(), INTERVAL 2 DAY), 'In Process', 145); -- insert 2 order line items insert into orderdetails(orderNumber, productCode, quantityOrdered, priceEach, orderLineNumber) values(@orderNumber,'S18_1749', 30, '136', 1), (@orderNumber,'S18_2248', 50, '55.09', 2); -- commit changes commit; -- get the new inserted order select * from orders a inner join orderdetails b on a.ordernumber = b.ordernumber where a.ordernumber = @ordernumber;
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