install phalconPHP on CentOS (with direct admin installed)

install phalconPHP on CentOS (with direct admin installed): 
Install PhalconPHP on
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If you have problem to build phalconPHP from source on CentOS With PHP 5.4 (and maybe Direct Admin control panel installed) you can try these steps to solve your problem. - First you must find the absolute path of `phpize` executable. so run this command : `whereis phpize` - Go to the path that you cloned source of phalcon, then `cd` into `build` path & your system architecture (for me is 64Bit): `cd /path/to/cphalcon/build/64Bits/` - Run `phpize` like this : `/path/to/phpize` - Go back to `build` directory: `cd ../` or `cd /path/to/cphalcon/build` - Find `php-config` executable Path with this command : `whereis php-config` (it could be at the same place of `phpize`) - Open `install` file with your favourite editor (nano,vi,vim ...) : `sudo nano install` - Finding `phpize` command & then change it with absolute path : `phpize` to `/path/to/phpzie` - Replace `./configure --enable-phalcon` section with this : `./configure --enable-phalcon --with-php-config=/path/to/php-config` - Save `install` file - Start build PhalconPHP with `./install` - After build, you can run `make test` to find out that phalcon build successfully. - Adding `` to your `php.ini` - To find which `php.ini` is loaded see `Loaded Configuration File` in [`phpinfo()`]( function.
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