an "Event-Emitter" in C#.....     pretty kewel
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using System; using System.Collections.Generic; public class CSEmitter { public delegate void PropChangedHandler (object sender, EventArgs e = null); public event PropChangedHandler propChanged; public List<Delegate> subscibers = new List<Delegate>(); private bool pol = false; public bool Polarization { get { return pol; } set { if (pol != value) { pol = value; this.propChanged.Invoke(this.Polarization, new EventArgs()); } } } public CSEmitter ( ) { propChanged += CSEmitter_propChanged; } void CSEmitter_propChanged (object s, EventArgs e = null) { this.triggerAsync(s); } public PropChangedHandler create (Delegate callBack) { if (propChanged == null) { propChanged += CSEmitter_propChanged; } Subscribe(callBack); return propChanged; } void triggerAsync (object state) { foreach (Delegate d in subscibers) { d.DynamicInvoke(state); } } void Subscribe (Delegate callBk) { subscibers.Add(callBk); } }
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