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Terminator plugin -- log the output of the terminator into a file with the current time as the default file name and with the time stamp on each line

Terminator plugin -- log the output of the terminator into a file with the current time as the default file name and with the time stamp on each line:
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#!/usr/bin/python # Plugin by Sinan Nalkaya <> # See LICENSE of Terminator package. """ - Terminator Plugin to log 'content' of individual terminals """ import os import sys import time import gtk import time import datetime import terminatorlib.plugin as plugin from terminatorlib.translation import _ AVAILABLE = ['MyLogger'] class MyLogger(plugin.MenuItem): """ Add custom command to the terminal menu""" capabilities = ['terminal_menu'] loggers = None dialog_action = gtk.FILE_CHOOSER_ACTION_SAVE dialog_buttons = (gtk.STOCK_CANCEL, gtk.RESPONSE_CANCEL, gtk.STOCK_SAVE, gtk.RESPONSE_OK) def __init__(self): plugin.MenuItem.__init__(self) if not self.loggers: self.loggers = {} def callback(self, menuitems, menu, terminal): """ Add save menu item to the menu""" vte_terminal = terminal.get_vte() if not self.loggers.has_key(vte_terminal): item = gtk.MenuItem(_('Start Logger')) item.connect("activate", self.start_logger, terminal) else: item = gtk.MenuItem(_('Stop Logger')) item.connect("activate", self.stop_logger, terminal) item.set_has_tooltip(True) item.set_tooltip_text("Saving at '" + self.loggers[vte_terminal]["filepath"] + "'") menuitems.append(item) def write_content(self, terminal, row_start, col_start, row_end, col_end): """ Final function to write a file """ content = terminal.get_text_range(row_start, col_start, row_end, col_end, lambda *a: True) # Insert current time to the beginning of a new line now ="[%d-%H:%M] ") fd = self.loggers[terminal]["fd"] # Don't write the last char which is always '\n' # fd.write(content[:-1]) lines = content.splitlines(True) for i in range(0, len(lines)): if ((i == 0) and (col_start != 0)): continue lines[i] = now + lines[i] fd.write(lines[i]) self.loggers[terminal]["col"] = col_end self.loggers[terminal]["row"] = row_end def save(self, terminal): """ 'contents-changed' callback """ last_saved_col = self.loggers[terminal]["col"] last_saved_row = self.loggers[terminal]["row"] (col, row) = terminal.get_cursor_position() # Save only when buffer is nearly full, # for the sake of efficiency if row - last_saved_row < terminal.get_row_count(): return self.write_content(terminal, last_saved_row, last_saved_col, row, col) def start_logger(self, _widget, Terminal): """ Handle menu item callback by saving text to a file""" savedialog = gtk.FileChooserDialog(title="Save Log File As", action=self.dialog_action, buttons=self.dialog_buttons) savedialog.set_do_overwrite_confirmation(True) savedialog.set_local_only(True) savedialog.show_all() savedialog.set_current_folder(os.path.expanduser("~") + "/log") savedialog.set_current_name(time.strftime("%Y%m%d-%H%M%S") + ".log") response = if response == gtk.RESPONSE_OK: try: logfile = os.path.join(savedialog.get_current_folder(), savedialog.get_filename()) fd = open(logfile, 'w+') # Save log file path, # associated file descriptor, signal handler id # and last saved col,row positions respectively. vte_terminal = Terminal.get_vte() (col, row) = vte_terminal.get_cursor_position() self.loggers[vte_terminal] = {"filepath":logfile, "handler_id":0, "fd":fd, "col":col, "row":row} # Add contents-changed callback self.loggers[vte_terminal]["handler_id"] = vte_terminal.connect('contents-changed', except: e = sys.exc_info()[1] error = gtk.MessageDialog(None, gtk.DIALOG_MODAL, gtk.MESSAGE_ERROR, gtk.BUTTONS_OK, e.strerror) error.destroy() savedialog.destroy() def stop_logger(self, _widget, terminal): vte_terminal = terminal.get_vte() last_saved_col = self.loggers[vte_terminal]["col"] last_saved_row = self.loggers[vte_terminal]["row"] (col, row) = vte_terminal.get_cursor_position() if last_saved_col != col or last_saved_row != row: # Save unwritten bufer to the file self.write_content(vte_terminal, last_saved_row, last_saved_col, row, col) fd = self.loggers[vte_terminal]["fd"] fd.close() vte_terminal.disconnect(self.loggers[vte_terminal]["handler_id"]) del(self.loggers[vte_terminal])
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