How to retrieve proxy settings within Eclipse

This class helps to retrieve the proxy settings stored in the preferences of Eclipse.
It automatically retrieves such settings using an IProxyService instance provided by the Eclipse RCP platform.
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public class ProxyManager { private final static ServiceTracker<IProxyService, IProxyService> proxyTracker; protected static Logger log = Logger.getLogger(ProxyManager.class); static { proxyTracker = new ServiceTracker<IProxyService, IProxyService>(FrameworkUtil.getBundle(ProxyManager.class).getBundleContext(), IProxyService.class.getName(), null);; } private static IProxyService getProxyService() { return proxyTracker.getService(); } public static void setProxy() { IProxyService proxyService = getProxyService(); IProxyData[] proxyDataForHost = null; try { proxyDataForHost = URI(AppConfig.get().getSiteBasePath())); } catch (URISyntaxException e) { log.error("CAnnot find url for proxy service due to " + e, e); return; } if (proxyDataForHost != null) { for (IProxyData data : proxyDataForHost) { if (data.getHost() != null) { WebConnector.setProxySettings(data.getHost(), data.getPort()); } } } // Close the service and close the service tracker proxyService = null; } }
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