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Description: Quickly create operational games using simple box graphics from Phaser3 shapes (v3.13.x). This test game mechanics for enjoyment. Final Artwork added to game mechanisms, prototypes and mechanics as the final pipeline product phase.
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// ============ //Example 4.1: Prototyping Graphics begins // ============ //create a character avatar using the box prototype method player = box({who: this, whereX: 150, whereY: 100,length:32, width:32, color: 0x0000FF,border: 0xFFFFFF}); this.physics.add.existing(player); player.body.velocity.x = 10; //see update function player.body.velocity.y = 50; console.log("Stationary Blue character avatar created as 'player' variable."); // ------------ // OR the direct method using either rectangle or graphics // and set movement velocities. var avatar = this.add.rectangle(100, 100, 32, 32, 0x0000FF).setStrokeStyle(5, 0x3399CC); console.log("Moving Blue character avatar created as 'player' variable."); var graphics ={ fillStyle: { color: 0xFF0000 } }); graphics.lineStyle(10,0xFF9900,0); graphics.strokeRect(100, 100, 32, 32); //non-controlled movement (usage AI bot; see Chapter 6) graphics.fillRectShape(avatar); this.physics.add.existing(avatar); avatar.body.velocity.x = 50; avatar.body.velocity.y = 10; //non-controlled movement (usage AI bot; see Chapter 6) this.physics.add.existing(graphics); graphics.body.velocity.x = 50; graphics.body.velocity.y = 50; console.log("Moving Red avatar created as 'avatar' variable.\n Movement velocity set."); // ------------ //create an opponent - direct method var monster = this.add.rectangle(180, 60, 32, 32, 0x00FF00).setStrokeStyle(5, 0xFF9900); console.log("Green monster avatar created as 'monster' variable."); //Example 4.1: ends // ============
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