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Magento 2 Custom Registration Fields Extension | FME

Pursue a user experience design of the sign-up form by adding easy to answer fields using Magento 2 Custom registration fields Extension. This extension empowers you to put 13 types of fields on a registration form to intake data from users.Now the next thing is that you can apply validation on custom fields to avoid errors while entering data. These field types and input validations help users to experience better and user friendly registration process. Using Magento 2 registration fields, you can set default values of the fields, show OR hide them, mark them as compulsory OR optional in the form. Also, you can allot position to the custom fields in the form. Let users view and edit the data which they provide during registration process. Add conditional fields as well. You can limit the access of custom fields to specific group of users. 

Using this Magento 2 extension, you can acquire valuable user information that can be used for promotions, marketing, and advertising. Know your clients or customers by adding custom fields to the registration form. 

You can add following different input fields:
o	Text Field
o	Text Area
o	File Upload
o	Image Upload
o	Date
o	Drop-down
o	Multiple Select
o	Yes/No
o	Radio
o	Check Boxes

You can apply following validation on fields:
o	Email 
o	Decimal Numbers
o	Integers 
o	Alphanumeric 
o	URL  
o	Letters

Key Features

o	Add 10 types of input fields
o	Add conditional input fields
o	Sort out custom fields on sign-up form
o	Set default values and custom titles of fields
o	Restrict fields to specific user groups
o	Show OR hide fields from sign-up page
o	Make input fields mandatory OR optional
o	User view and update their profile data after registration
o	Free lifetime support and upgrades

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