Consume a web service using Apache CXF client library

Apache CXF may also be used to consume a web service. Obviously, the match of client and server both with CXF make the development very simple, as the same IMyAPI interface may be used as a contract between server and client.
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import; import; public class CxfClientImpl { private static final QName SERVICE_NAME = new QName("http://com.snip2code.api", "MyAPIService"); private static final QName PORT_NAME_DB = new QName("http://com.snip2code.api", "apiName"); private IMyAPI portAPI; public CxfClientImpl() { //initialize web service utilities: URL wsdlURL = null; String location = ""; try { wsdlURL = new URL(location); } catch (MalformedURLException e) { log.error("Malformed Url:" + location + ", due to:" + e.getMessage()); return; } Service service = Service.create(SERVICE_NAME); service.addPort(SERVICE_NAME, SOAPBinding.SOAP11HTTP_BINDING, wsdlURL.toString()); portAPI = service.getPort(PORT_NAME, IMyAPI.class); } }
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