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SNIPPET - Box2d_LibGdx_Integration

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/* <SNIPPET> <TAGS = "JAVA,LIBGDX,BOX2D" /> <NAME="Box2d_LibGdx_Integration" /> <DESCR>Codice per integrare una texture region con un oggetto Box2D</DESCR> </SNIPPET> */ public TextureWrapper{ TextureRegion region; int width; int height; Vector2 position; float scaleX; float scaleY; float originX; float originY; float rotation; public TextureWrapper(TextureRegion region,Vector2 pos){ this.position=pos; SetTextureRegion(region); } public void SetTextureRegion(TextureRegion region){ this.region=region; width=region.getRegionWidth(); height=region.getRegionHeight(); originX=width/2; originY=height/2; scaleX=1; scaleY=1; } public int GetWidth(){ return width; } public int GetHeight(){ return height; } public void SetPosition(float x,float y){ position.set(x,y); } public void SetRotation(float r){ rotation=r; } public void Draw(SpriteBatch sp){ sp.draw(region,position.x-width/2, position.y-height/2, originX, originY, width, height, scaleX, scaleY, rotation); } .... } public class BoxUserData{ int collisionGroup; int boxId; public BoxUserData(int boxid,int collisiongroup){ Set(boxid,collisiongroup); } public void Set(int boxid,int collisiongroup){ this.boxId=boxid; this.collisionGroup=collisiongroup; } public int GetBoxId(){ return this.boxId; } public int GetCollisionGroup{ return this.collisionGroup; } }
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