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I just encountered a bug while I was writing a post on a Discourse-powered forum and would like to report it. It seems like if I have two fenced code blocks with an info string of "{.cpp}", where each block starts with a line equal to "\`\`\`{.cpp}" and ends with a line equal to "\`\`\`", then any text formatting between the two blocks of code does not work at all, and we see the markup instead of seeing nicely-formatted text. See below for an example: ```{.cpp} // Here is a block of C++ code. ``` For some reason we cannot have `monospace`, _italic_, **bold**, or [link]( text in this paragraph, which is between two blocks of C++ code. In fact, I can't find any other Markdown, BBCode or HTML that does work in this area. We can't even have multiple paragraphs. ```{.cpp} // Here is a second block of C++ code. ``` A workaround for this is to remove the `{.cpp}` info string on the first code block, but of course that destroys the code highlighting in that first block. I couldn't find any better solution even though I tried info strings of ".cpp", "cpp", and "c++". I made a [copy of this post as a Gist]( so you can see the markup I used and verify that it works correctly in GitHub-flavored Markdown. --David
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