How to dynamically add a button to a GUI mask in python using PyQt4

This code shows how to add some dynamic GUI controls (in this case QPushButton) to a GUI main window.
In this example when user clicks on a button, the new buttons are created and put into the main window.
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#!/usr/bin/python import sys from PyQt4 import QtGui import os class Test(QtGui.QMainWindow): def __init__(self): super(Test, self).__init__() self.initUI() def initUI(self): YDrive = QtGui.QAction("Y", self) YDrive.triggered.connect(self.setYDir) self.toolbar = self.addToolBar('Exit') self.toolbar.addAction(YDrive) self.setGeometry(300, 300, 250, 150) self.setWindowTitle('Message box') def buttonClicked(self): print "clicked" def setYDir(self): myWorkDrive = "/tmp" shows = os.listdir(myWorkDrive) i = 0 for elements in shows: btn1 = QtGui.QPushButton(elements, self) btn1.move(30, 50 + i) i += 30 btn1.clicked.connect(self.buttonClicked) self.resize(self.width(), 50 + i) if __name__ == '__main__': app = QtGui.QApplication([]) t = Test() app.exec_()
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