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Custom SWT List Box

This widget presents a ListBox, with vertical scroll-bars, whose items can be custom (instead of simple strings as in List widget).
The items should be of the same height and all homogeneous.
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import java.util.HashMap; import java.util.Map; import org.apache.log4j.Logger; import org.eclipse.swt.SWT; import org.eclipse.swt.custom.ScrolledComposite; import; import; import; import; import; import org.eclipse.swt.layout.FormData; import org.eclipse.swt.widgets.Composite; import org.eclipse.swt.widgets.Control; import org.eclipse.swt.widgets.Event; import org.eclipse.swt.widgets.Label; import org.eclipse.swt.widgets.Link; import org.eclipse.swt.widgets.Listener; import org.eclipse.wb.swt.SWTResourceManager; public class CustomListBox extends Composite { protected static Logger log = Logger.getLogger(CustomListBox.class); private ScrolledComposite scrolledResults; private Composite listResults; private int width; private int height; private int itemRowHeight; private int rowWidth; private int maxResultsDisplayed; private Map<String, Composite> rows = new HashMap<String, Composite>(); /** * * @param parent container of the component * @param style style of the componen * @param marginLeft pixels from left border of the dialog * @param topHeight pixels from top border fo the dialog * @param width total width in pixel of the component * @param height total height in pixel of the component * @param scrolledCompoFormData FormData for the component * @param itemRowHeight height in pixel of a single item */ public CustomListBox(Composite parent, int style, int marginLeft, int topHeight, int width, int height, FormData scrolledCompoFormData, int itemRowHeight) { super(parent, style); this.width = width; rowWidth = width - 25; this.height = height; this.itemRowHeight = itemRowHeight; maxResultsDisplayed = height / itemRowHeight; scrolledResults = new ScrolledComposite(parent, SWT.BORDER | SWT.V_SCROLL); scrolledResults.setLocation(marginLeft, topHeight); scrolledResults.setSize(width, height); scrolledResults.setExpandHorizontal(false); scrolledResults.setExpandVertical(true); scrolledResults.setBackground(SWTResourceManager.getColor(SWT.COLOR_WHITE)); scrolledResults.setMinSize(width, height); scrolledCompoFormData.height = height; //force height of the component scrolledResults.setLayoutData(scrolledCompoFormData); scrolledResults.getVerticalBar().setIncrement(scrolledResults.getVerticalBar().getIncrement()*10); scrolledResults.addListener(SWT.Activate, new Listener() { public void handleEvent(Event e) { scrolledResults.setFocus(); } }); listResults = new Composite(scrolledResults, SWT.NONE); listResults.setSize(width, height); listResults.setBackground(SWTResourceManager.getColor(SWT.COLOR_WHITE)); scrolledResults.setContent(listResults); parent.addListener(SWT.Resize, new Listener() { public void handleEvent(Event event) { resizeScrollableResults(); } }); parent.notifyListeners(SWT.Resize, new Event()); } private void resizeScrollableResults() { int actualHeight = rows.size() * itemRowHeight; scrolledResults.setMinSize(width, Math.max(actualHeight, height)); scrolledResults.layout(); } @Override public void layout() { listResults.layout(); resizeScrollableResults(); } /** * Creates a new row in the list, identified by the given key. * @param key identifier to retrieve the newly created item * @return the just created and added composite item * @throws IllegalArgumentException if key already exists or is null/empty */ public Composite addRow(String key) throws IllegalArgumentException { if (key == null || key.length() <= 0) throw new IllegalArgumentException("Null or empty key"); if (rows.containsKey(key)) throw new IllegalArgumentException("Item with key " + key + " already exists"); int rowCompoWidth = rowWidth; if (!scrollbarIsShown()) rowCompoWidth += 20; final Composite rowCompo = new Composite(listResults, SWT.BORDER); rowCompo.setLocation(0, (rows.size() * itemRowHeight)); rowCompo.setSize(rowCompoWidth, itemRowHeight - 2); rowCompo.setBackground(SWTResourceManager.getColor(SWT.COLOR_WHITE)); rows.put(key, rowCompo); return rowCompo; } /** * True if the number of items is greater than the total visible items */ public boolean scrollbarIsShown() { return (rows.size() >= maxResultsDisplayed); } /** * Returns the number of visible items */ public int getMaxResultsDisplayed() { return maxResultsDisplayed; } /** * Empties the list of items in the list and shows a single item with the given text * @param textToShow text to display * @param font font of the text to display * @param backgroundColor background color of the item that shows the text to display * @param link link to follow (if not empty, a Link instead of a Label will be created) */ public void displayMessage(String textToShow, Font font, Color backgroundColor, final String link) { final Composite rowCompo = new Composite(listResults, SWT.NONE); rowCompo.setLocation(0, 0); rowCompo.setSize(width, itemRowHeight - 2); rowCompo.setBackground(backgroundColor); Control lblNoResults = null; if (link != null) { lblNoResults = new Link(rowCompo, SWT.NONE); ((Link)lblNoResults).setText(textToShow); ((Link)lblNoResults).setCursor(new Cursor(getShell().getDisplay(), SWT.CURSOR_HAND)); ((Link)lblNoResults).addSelectionListener(new SelectionAdapter() { @Override public void widgetSelected(SelectionEvent e) { //something to do with the link... } }); } else { lblNoResults = new Label(rowCompo, SWT.NONE); ((Label)lblNoResults).setAlignment(SWT.CENTER); ((Label)lblNoResults).setText(textToShow); } lblNoResults.setBounds(0, 0, width, itemRowHeight - 2); lblNoResults.setFont(font); lblNoResults.setBackground(backgroundColor); } /** * Removes all the items from the list and dispose all the children content */ public void cleanItems() { //clean previous results: Control[] children = listResults.getChildren(); if (children != null) { for (Control child : children) { child.dispose(); } } rows = new HashMap<String, Composite>(); } }
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