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Extract contents of a .webarchive file.

Extract contents of a .webarchive file.: 
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#!/usr/bin/env ruby # # Mac OS X webarchive is a binary format of a plist file. You can extract the contents manually: # 1. convert the plist file into XML by "plutil -convert xml1 file.webarchive" # 2. parse the resulted XML file by some XML parser # 3. decode "WebResourceData" by Base64.decode64(data) in each key # 4. save the decoded content into a file indicated by "WebResourceData" # Thankfully, the plist library can take care of annoying steps 2 and 3. # # Preparation: # % gem install plist # # Usage: # % unwebarchive.rb filename.webarchive # # Result: # You'll find the extracted contents under the 'filename/' directory. # require 'rubygems' require 'fileutils' require 'plist' webarchive = ARGV.shift exportdir = File.basename(webarchive, ".webarchive") class UnWebarchive def initialize(webarchive, exportdir) @file = webarchive @dir = exportdir prepare_exportdir parse_webarchive end def prepare_exportdir if File.exists?(@dir) print "Override existing export directory '#{@dir}' [Yes/No]? " exit 1 unless gets.chomp[/^y(es)?$/i] end FileUtils.mkdir_p(@dir) FileUtils.cp(@file, @dir) end def parse_webarchive do system("plutil -convert xml1 #{@file}") plist = Plist.parse_xml( file = plist["WebMainResource"]["WebResourceURL"] data = plist["WebMainResource"]["WebResourceData"].read data.gsub!(/file:\/\/\//, './') export(file, data) plist["WebSubresources"].each do |res| file = res["WebResourceURL"] data = res["WebResourceData"].read export(file, data) end end end def export(resource_uri, resource_data) if resource_uri[/^file:/] name = resource_uri.sub('file:///', '') puts "Writing '#{@dir}/#{name}' ...", "w") do |file| file.print resource_data end end end end, exportdir)
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