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    How to list files changed in clearcase ucm stream activities

    This script lists the files changed in all the activities delivered on a specific stream, with no duplicates. The stream is the one currently set on the clearcase view.
    #!/usr/bin/tcsh -f
    # This script lists the activities of a stream and saves on the following file the changed files without duplicates.
    set tmpoutput = "$HOME/.tmp_AllChangedFilesInStream.txt"
    set output = "$HOME/AllChangedFilesInStream.txt"
    rm -rf $tmpoutput
    touch $tmpoutput
    rm -rf $output
    touch $output
    foreach act ( `cleartool lsact -s | grep -v rebase` )	
        set changeset = `cleartool lsact -fmt "%[versions]p" $act`
        echo $changeset | tr ' ' '\n' >> $tmpoutput
    foreach line ( "`cat $tmpoutput`" )	
        set file=`echo $line | sed -e "s|\(.*\)@@.*|\1|"`
        set isPresent = `grep "$file" "$output"`
        if ("$isPresent" == "") then
          echo $file >> $output
    rm -rf $tmpoutput
    exit 0

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