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    Css zebra color for alternate style in table rows

    This simple code shows how to alternate the style of each row in a table. tr:nth-child(even) or tr:nth-child(odd) operators help in switching style automatically for each row item in a table.
             Example of zebra color
    		tr:nth-child(even) {
      background-color: red;
    tr:nth-child(odd) {
      background-color: white;
    		<table id="myTable">
    			<th>Lorem ipsum dolor.</th>
    			<th>Nam, sequi, architecto?</th>
    			<th>Aut, eius, esse!</th>
    				<td>Lorem ipsum dolor.</td>
    				<td>Doloribus, quidem, excepturi.</td>
    				<td>Magnam, dolorum, alias!</td>
    				<td>Lorem ipsum dolor.</td>
    				<td>Odio, fuga, distinctio.</td>
    				<td>Cumque, necessitatibus, labore!</td>
    				<td>Lorem ipsum dolor.</td>
    				<td>Esse, suscipit, soluta.</td>
    				<td>Nostrum, animi, fugit?</td>
    				<td>Lorem ipsum dolor.</td>
    				<td>Error, veritatis, saepe?</td>
    				<td>Alias, cupiditate, debitis.</td>
    			<tr >
    				<td>Lorem ipsum dolor.</td>
    				<td>Minus, neque, quisquam.</td>
    				<td>Eius, deleniti, sunt.</td>

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