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    public by mariya15 modified Wednesday at 11:53:20 AM  25  2  2  0

    iCloud Customer Service Phone Number

    Contact to Icloud Customer Service Number if you are facing any type of problem in your icloud backup storage. Our Icloud Technical Support experts are always over icloud toll-free helpline number: 1-888-411-1123 and you will get 100% satisfied customer care service from our technicians for all icloud issues which you are facing while accessing you
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    public by paulsimmons modified Monday at 12:19:49 PM  23  0  2  0

    WooCommerce Tickets Download Addon

    Now users can download the event tickets on your website by using WooCommerce tickets download addon by FMEAddons. This addon let you create event pages and display event videos, images, venue, time frame, and contact details on event pages. You can also display the event dates by month, week, and day on Google calendar to your users. Tickets d
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    public by IsCODER modified Monday at 11:09:57 AM  33  0  2  0

    Bubble sort in C

    C programming basic by Isfatul Karim
      *Bubble sort
      *Isfatul Karim
    int main()
    	int n;
    	printf("Enter size of array: ");
    	int l;
    	int data[n];
    	printf("Enter array elements: ");
    	int i,j;
    				int temp=data[i];
    	printf("After bubble sort: \n");
    		printf("%d ",data[l]);
    	return 0;

    public by mariya15 modified Monday at 10:48:17 AM  20  1  2  0

    Cisco Router Technical Support Number USA

    Get reliable Cisco technical support by calling our Cisco Customer Service, Cisco Router Toll-Free Number, Cisco Router Customer Care, Cisco Router Helpline Number: 1-888-411-1123. Having any type of issues like: Need help in Wi-Fi cisco connect guest password, forget and reset password or cisco default password. Call at our Contact Number. Visit:
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    public by grovesdm modified Mar 19, 2017  21  0  1  0

    Tint an image

    /* Working method */
    .tinted-image {
        /* top, transparent red, faked with gradient */ 
          rgba(255, 0, 0, 0.45), 
          rgba(255, 0, 0, 0.45)
        /* bottom, image */

    public by paulsimmons modified Mar 16, 2017  38  0  2  0

    WooCommerce Ajax Product Filter by FMEAddons

    Ajax Product filter WooCommerce plugin by FMEAddons allows you to implement advanced search on your online store which will help your customers to find desired product (s) in a blink with the help of advance layered navigation filters. Adding ajax based product filtering on your online store will help you to eliminate delay in the searching process
    <? php                                     

    public by paulsimmons modified Mar 16, 2017  36  0  3  0

    Custom Registration Form Wordpress

    WooCommerce doesn't allow you to edit registration form? Try, Custom registration form WordPress addon which will enable you to add the fields and edit registration page. With this addon, you can get any type of information from your website users on registration. This addon will help you to understand the likeness of your users and you can make yo
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    public by simonwalker modified Mar 15, 2017  27  0  3  0

    Magento GeoIP Store Switcher Extension | FME

    Magento GeoIP Store Switcher by FME is a geo-targeting extension which detects the visitor’s real-time location and redirects them to a region customized store view. Using this Magento GeoIP store switcher extension, you can create multiple store views, customize their theme, and display relevant products on the front. Allow the visitors to manuall

    public by simonwalker modified Mar 15, 2017  29  1  3  0

    Magento Customer Registration Attributes Extension by FME

    Magento Customer Registration attributes extension by FME allows you to add customer attribute to user registration form & account pages. You can hide the custom attributes and restrict them by creating different customer attributes. Using this Magento add customer attribute extension, you can make the custom registration form attributes mandatory

    public by lzctbyong modified Mar 14, 2017  21  0  0  0


      <content><![CDATA[static propTypes = {
      ${2:prop}: React.PropTypes.${3:Type}
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