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    Simple RPC call

    Simple function to call RPC (only 1k uncompressed). Use this instead of JQuery. Alternatively, use zepto.min.js from if you have 26K to spare.
    Addapted from Paolo Manna git pmanna/mongoose_os_playground browser_rpc_service.js
    var platform = '';
    var host = '';
    var defCallBack = function(response) {
      if ((response) && (response.error)) {
    // Common call to RPC services on the board
    function callRPCService(cmd, params, callback) {
      if (!callback) {
    	  callback = defCallBack;
      var xhttp = new XMLHttpRequest();
      xhttp.onreadystatechange = function() {
        if (this.readyState == 4 && this.status == 200) {
   'POST', 'rpc/' + cmd + '?' + new Date().getTime(), true);
      xhttp.responseType = 'json';
    // Discover which platform we're using, to enable/disable features
    function startup() {
      callRPCService('Config.Get',{}, function(response) {
        if (response) {
          platform =;
          console.log('Platform is: ' + platform);
          var mac_id = ("_"))[1];
          host = mac_id + '.local';
          document.getElementById("hostname").innerHTML = host;
    // Reboots the microcontroller
    function rebootDevice() {

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    Using simple RPC service

    Use simple rpc script to call RPC service on small IOT devices
    	<script src="simple_rpc_service.js"></script>
    <body onLoad='startup();'>
    <h4 id="hostname"> </h4>
    <p>Hello, see <a target="_blank" href="/rpc/Config.Get">rpc</a>
    <br><a target="_blank" href="/rpc/clearAll">clear strip</a>
      <tr><td>Pin</td> <td><input type="number" id="" value='2'/></td></tr>
      <tr><td>Red</td><td><input type="range" id="rval" name="rval" min="0" max="255" value='0' onchange="setPixel()"/></td></tr>
      <tr><td>Green</td><td><input type="range" id="gval" name="gval" min="0" max="255" value='0' onchange="setPixel()"/></td></tr>
      <tr><td>Blue</td><td><input type="range" id="bval" name="bval" min="0" max="255" value='0' onchange="setPixel()"/></td></tr>
    <p><button href="#" id="setPixel" onclick="setPixel()">Set Pixel</button>
    <button href="#" id="clearAll" onclick="callRPCService('clearAll')">Clear All Pixel</button>
    <p><button href="#" id="setPixel" onclick="rebootDevice()">Reboot</button>
      var log = function(msg) {
      log('Starting ...');
      function setPixel() {
      	var pin = parseInt(document.getElementById("").value);
      	var rv = parseInt(document.getElementById("rval").value);
      	var gv = parseInt(document.getElementById("gval").value);
      	var bv = parseInt(document.getElementById("bval").value);
    	callRPCService('setPixel',{px:pin, r:rv, g:gv, b:bv});

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    ESP8266 wifi web server setup

    Lambda style Wifi web server with DHT22 data upload to ThingSpeak
    /* DHTServer - ESP8266 Webserver with a DHT sensor as an input
       Based on ESP8266Webserver, DHTexample, and BlinkWithoutDelay (thank you)
       Version 1.0  5/3/2014  Version 1.0 Mike Barela for Adafruit Industries
    #include <ESP8266WiFi.h>
    #include <WiFiClient.h>
    #include <ESP8266WebServer.h>
    #include <DHT.h>
    #include <TimeLib.h>
    #include "ThingSpeak.h"
    #define DHTTYPE DHT22
    const int DHTPIN = D4;
    const char* ssid     = "mySSID";
    const char* password = "myPassword";
    ESP8266WebServer server(80);
    /*============ ThingSpeak setup ==================*/
    // Note:  Each channel has its own number and write API key
    // API key is what get used - wrong channel number doesn't matter
    // Temperature Humidity Channel
    static unsigned long myChannelNumber = 123456;
    static const char 	*myWriteAPIKey = "AB1CDEF6HIJKLMNO";
    static WiFiClient  client;
    /*============ End ThingSpeak setup ==============*/
    // Initialize DHT sensor 
    // NOTE: For working with a faster than ATmega328p 16 MHz Arduino chip, like an ESP8266,
    // you need to increase the threshold for cycle counts considered a 1 or 0.
    // You can do this by passing a 3rd parameter for this threshold.  It's a bit
    // of fiddling to find the right value, but in general the faster the CPU the
    // higher the value.  The default for a 16mhz AVR is a value of 6.  For an
    // Arduino Due that runs at 84mhz a value of 30 works.
    // This is for the ESP8266 processor on ESP-01 
    DHT dht(DHTPIN, DHTTYPE, 11); // 11 works fine for ESP8266
    float lastHumdty, lastTempF;  // Values read from sensor
    static int nextSampleMinute = 15;
    static int minuteSampleInterval = 15;
    // Generally, you should use "unsigned long" for variables that hold time
    unsigned long previousMillis = 0;        // will store last temp was read
    const long interval = 2000;              // interval at which to read sensor
    void getTemperature() {
      // Wait at least 2 seconds seconds between measurements.
      // if the difference between the current time and last time you read
      // the sensor is bigger than the interval you set, read the sensor
      // Works better than delay for things happening elsewhere also
      unsigned long currentMillis = millis();
      if(currentMillis - previousMillis >= interval) {
        // save the last time you read the sensor 
        previousMillis = currentMillis;   
        // Reading temperature for humidity takes about 250 milliseconds!
        // Sensor readings may also be up to 2 seconds 'old' (it's a very slow sensor)
        lastHumdty = dht.readHumidity();          // Read humidity (percent)
        lastTempF = dht.readTemperature(true);     // Read temperature as Fahrenheit
        // Check if any reads failed and exit early (to try again).
        if (isnan(lastHumdty) || isnan(lastTempF)) {
          Serial.println("Failed to read from DHT sensor!");
    static int uploadData(void)
    	ThingSpeak.setField( 1, lastTempF);
    	ThingSpeak.setField( 2, lastHumdty);
    	int rc = ThingSpeak.writeFields(myChannelNumber, myWriteAPIKey);
    //	Serial.println(String("Post rc=")+rc);
    	return rc;
    const String HTML_TYPE = "text/html";
    void handle_null() {
        Serial.println("Handle null");
    void handleRoot()
    	String wstr = 
    	"<p>Hello from the weather esp8266, read from /temp or /humidity"
    	"<br>set <a href=/set?minuteSampleInterval=5>5 minute</a> sample interval"
    	", <a href=/set?nextSampleMinute=15>sample at 15 </a> minute"
    	"<br>Take <a href=/sample>sample Data</a> and upload to ThingSpeak"
    	"<br><a href=/temp>Get Temperature</a>"
    	"<br><a href=/humidity>Get Humidity</a>";
    	wstr += "<br>Last temperature: " + String(lastTempF)+"F";
    	wstr += " humidity: " + String(lastHumdty)+"%";
    	wstr += "<br>Current minute: " + String(minute(now()));
    	wstr += " next sample time: " + String(nextSampleMinute)+" min.";
    	wstr += " sample interval: " + String(minuteSampleInterval)+" min.";
    	server.send(200,HTML_TYPE, wstr);
    void doSample()
    	int rc = uploadData();
    	String wstr = "<p>Take sample data:  ";
    	wstr += "<br>Temperature " + String(lastTempF);
    	wstr += "<br>Humidity " + String(lastHumdty);
    	wstr += "<br>Upload thingspeak rc=" + String(rc);
    	server.send(200,HTML_TYPE, wstr);
    // Web Server Service Definition structure
    // =======================================
    typedef struct s_WebServiceDef
    	const char *urlName;
    	void (*doit)(void);
    } WebServiceDef;
    /* =======================================================================
    	Define web service definition here
    	Each entry has a URL name and a lambda function to service the request
    static WebServiceDef wsd[] = {
    	{ "/", handleRoot },
    	{ "/favicon", handle_null },
    	{ "/temp",			// url name
    		[] ()				// lambda function
    			getTemperature();       // read sensor
    			String wstr="Temperature: "+String((int)lastTempF)+" F";
    			server.send(200, "text/plain", wstr);   // send to someones browser when asked
    	{ "/humidity", []()
    			String wstr="Humidity: "+String((int)lastHumdty)+"%";
    			server.send(200, "text/plain", wstr);
    	{ "/sample", doSample },
    	{ "/set", []()
    			String n = String("minuteSampleInterval");
    			if (server.hasArg(n))
    				int v = server.arg(n).toInt();
    				if (v)
    					minuteSampleInterval = v;
    			n = String("nextSampleMinute");
    			if (server.hasArg(n))
    				int v = server.arg(n).toInt();
    				if (v)
    					nextSampleMinute = v;
    			server.send(200, "text/plain", "ok");
    static void setupServerHandler(void)
    	for (int i; wsd[i].urlName; i++)
    		server.on( wsd[i].urlName, wsd[i].doit);
    static int nextAlarmMin(int sampleInterval)
    	int nextMin = minute(now());
    	nextMin = ((nextMin + sampleInterval) % 60);	// alarm every 5 min
    	return nextMin;
    void setup(void)
    	// You can open the Arduino IDE Serial Monitor window to see what the code is doing
    	Serial.begin(115200);  // Serial connection from ESP-01 via 3.3v console cable
    	dht.begin();           // initialize temperature sensor
    	// Connect to WiFi network
    	WiFi.begin(ssid, password);
    	Serial.print("\n\r \n\rWorking to connect");
    	// Wait for connection
    	while (WiFi.status() != WL_CONNECTED) {
    	Serial.println("DHT Weather Reading Server");
    	Serial.print("Connected to ");
    	Serial.print("IP address: ");
    	Serial.println("HTTP server started");
    void loop(void)
    	int currentMinute = minute(now());
    	if (currentMinute == nextSampleMinute)
    		// trigger sample at set interval
    		Serial.println("Regular sample");
    		int rc = uploadData();
    		Serial.println("rc=" + String(rc));
    		nextSampleMinute = nextAlarmMin(minuteSampleInterval);

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    ~Regarder!! Cinquante nuances plus claires Streaming Vf en Français

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    Benjamin C. Kuo - Sistemas De Control Automatico (7 Ed) (Solucionario).pdf

    Benjamin C. Kuo - Sistemas De Control Automatico (7 Ed) (Solucionario).pdf
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    Pz Studio Child Models

    Pz Studio Child Models
    Ive known quite a few mothers with child models who . I found myself standing against the wall of a studio, . I Let my 3-year-old become a child model .. Enrol your child with one of the UK's no. 1 child modelling agencies, Models Direct.. Could my child be a child model? . Its not fair on children to travel from God-knows-where to a London studio for an hours work, she says.. Ls magazine ls models video torrent download from, Megaupload Hotfile and Rapidshare files.. Child erotica is non-pornographic material relating to children that is used by any individuals for sexual purposes. . all Webe Web child model sites went offline.. View Stock Photo of Confident Preteen Model. Find premium, high-resolution photos at Getty Images.. Panzer VI Tiger German Heavy Tank 3D model, . Panzer VI Tiger German Heavy Tank low-poly 3d model ready for Virtual Reality . 3D Studio (.3ds) (2 files)-. Child modelling, Model opportunities for children of all ages, newborn baby models, teen models, kids models in Manchester, Cheshire, North West England. The 2004 Ukrainian child pornography raids occurred in July 2004, . was called LS (Lolita Studio) Models and had a number of different domains, such as LS Island, .. View Child Modelling Packages View Child . I/We authorise The Photo Studio to take photographs of me/us as part of a . Model or Talent Agency profile .. Get Child Models Nn pictures and royalty-free images from iStock. Find high-quality stock photos that you won't find anywhere else.. Bizzykidz is the Uk's largest child model agency and baby model agency Bizzykidz. Photographers, film crew & casting rooms. London Model Agency, london child agency .. SD.KFZ 161 PzKpfw IV Panzer 4 Ausf.H Late 3D Model, textured available 3d format in 3ds fbx c4d lwo lws lw obj VR AR.. This child-only modeling agency has had their adorable munchkins featured in ads for brands like Disney, Club Med and Calvin Klein. Parents are encouraged to apply .. ls bbs - Free preteen pics and video  ls bbs portal ls island bbs ls studio bbs ls barbie bbs ls dreams bbs ls model Showing 1-1 of 1 messages. PZ Studio Magazine 9 Sets and 8 Snenes Video.  3.1 Gb [EX] Hidden text: ON. Available only to registered users. Top . Display posts from previous: Sort by : Page 1 .. Liverpool Model Agency - Modelling & TV work for kids of all ages, newborn, baby, child, teen, male & female models near Liverpool, North West, UK.. Lolita City. Only hq legall stuff . Login; PZ Studio Magazine. Forum Exclusive Models Studio. Topic locked. 1 post  Page 1 of 1. PZ . PZ Studio Magazine 9 Sets .. Child Models. Senior Model. Comperes/ Anchors . TV News reading, Acting, Modeling in chennai, India. Teen Models, Senior Models, Modeling coordination in Chennai .. 10 of the best child model agencies.. Lolita Playground Top List . Rank: Site: In: Out: 1: Tiny Model Mercedes Have you seen the new Mercedes Model ? Get Ready to Go Zero To 60 In Seconds.. Young child model Sierra. Check her free preview and get membership for a low price. We got huge members area for this model - so dont wait - join Sierra model today.. BMA Models represents female child & teenage models for TV commercials, fashion, catwalk shows & all media publications. We are one of the leading kids modelling .. Studio, Models and Staged . Muchas photographic output grew dramatically after his move to a large studio in the rue du Val de . Mother and Child, .. Model, Photographer, Stylist, . Modeling Agencies . 20 Model Management . STUDIO Paris Paris,France.. Bizzykidz Child Model Agency - All about Bizzykidz' humble beginnings, travelling through the years to where we are now as the UK's largest child agency. Brats Models. Brats Models promotes and supplies child models to reputable clients for photographic advertising, . Studio 203, 64-76 Kippax St .. Shop Great Deals on Sports Gear, Apparel, Fitness & Footwear From Top Brands!. . . .. > The Studio > Models > Underage models. . I think if you are going to use child models you should make them natural and portray them as they are supposed to be .. Posts about preteen ls model written by preteenpic. . Ls mag, ls models, Ls models picture, LS Studio picture, LS-Barbie, lsmagazine, newstar, preteen ls model, .. kids photography, kids modelling in delhi, kids modeling, kids modeling portfolio, kids modelling, child modeling, children modeling portfolio, kids photography delhi .. Scallywags Model Agency searchable database of over 1000 Babies, Children, Teens and Families.. Panzer 1 - Panzerkampfwagen 1 Ausf.A Military 3D Models, Military Vehicles, Tank in 3D Studio (.3ds), Cinema 4D (.c4d), FlatPyramid 3D (.fp3d), Lightwave .. Explore Maria Meidger's board "Russian Child Models" on Pinterest.  See more ideas about Child models, Kid outfits and Anastasia.. Here you will find many different teen and nonude preteen fashion models, making first steps in their young nonude modeling life. We carefully selected, all fashion .  4c5316f046 

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    support films

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    Adding Captcha in CodeIgniter

    defined('BASEPATH') OR exit('your exit message');
    class Captcha extends CI_Controller
       function __construct()
       public function index()
           if ($this->input->post('submit')) {
               $captcha_insert = $this->input->post('captcha');
               $contain_sess_captcha = $this->session->userdata('valuecaptchaCode');
               if ($captcha_insert === $contain_sess_captcha) {
                   echo 'Success';
               } else {
                   echo 'Failure';
           $config = array(
               'img_url' => base_url() . 'image_for_captcha/',
               'img_path' => 'image_for_captcha/',
               'img_height' => 45,
               'word_length' => 5,
               'img_width' => '45',
               'font_size' => 10
           $captcha = create_captcha($config);
           $this->session->set_userdata('valuecaptchaCode', $captcha['word']);
           $data['captchaImg'] = $captcha['image'];
           $this->load->view('captcha/index', $data);
       public function refresh()
           $config = array(
               'img_url' => base_url() . 'image_for_captcha/',
               'img_path' => 'image_for_captcha/',
               'img_height' => 45,
               'word_length' => 5,
               'img_width' => '45',
               'font_size' => 10
           $captcha = create_captcha($config);
           $this->session->set_userdata('valuecaptchaCode', $captcha['word']);
           echo $captcha['image'];
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