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public by cghersi modified Thursday at 12:41:00 AM  1  3  1

How to query some values inside XML in SQL Server

This query relies on 'value' operator applied on XML fields. You can directly transform the resulting value into a particular type with the second parameter of this function.
SELECT  field1, field2
FROM    MyTable
WHERE   MyXMLField.value('/s2c:root/fieldName != ""', 'bit') = 1

public by cghersi modified Thursday at 12:29:40 AM  255  5  0

Query XML fields' content in MS SQL Server

This is the right syntax to perform XQuery queries for XML columns in a SQL Server table
SELECT MyField.query('
  declare namespace s2c="";
FROM  MyTable

public by cghersi modified Thursday at 12:24:24 AM  1  3  0

How to create an asynchronous task in C#

This is a simple way to create a task that will run asynchronously with respect to the current thread
System.Threading.Tasks.Task.Factory.StartNew(() =>
  log.Info("This will run async");

public by cghersi modified Nov 4, 2014  4  3  1

Calculate the occurrences of words in Rss feed

Creates a dictionary with keys=words and values=occurrences of that word in the given Rss (specified by the URL). The caller should specify the maximum number of items in the returning dictionary and, optionally, the minimum length of the words that will be added to the output.
public static Dictionary<string, int> ComputeWordsOccurrencesInRss(string url, int maxItems, int minLenOfAcceptedWords = 1)
  Dictionary<string, int> occurrences = new Dictionary<string, int>();

  IList<RssReader.RssItem> singleRssResult = RssReader.ReadRss(url, maxItems, true);
  string[] splitted = null;
  foreach (RssReader.RssItem rss in singleRssResult)
    List<string> words = new List<string>();

    //split title in words:
    splitted = StringHelper.SplitIntoWords(rss.Title);
    if (splitted != null)

    //split summary in words:
    splitted = StringHelper.SplitIntoWords(rss.Summary);
    if (splitted != null)

    //compute occurrences of words:
    for (int w = 0; w < words.Count; w++)
      string word = words[w].ToLower();
      if (word.Length < minLenOfAcceptedWords)
      if (occurrences.ContainsKey(word))
        occurrences.Add(word, 1);

  return occurrences;

public by cghersi modified Nov 4, 2014  2  3  2

Read the content of an rss feed

Retrieves the RSS Item at the specified URL and prepares a list of RSS Items with tile, summary and id. The caller should specify the maximum number of items to download and can decide to strip HTML from title and summary.
public class RssReader
  public class RssItem
    public string Title { get; set; }
    public string Summary { get; set; }
    public string Id { get; set; }
  /// <summary>
  /// Requires System.ServiceModel to be added as a reference
  /// </summary>
  /// <param name="url"></param>
  /// <param name="maxItems"></param>
  public static IList<RssItem> ReadRss(string url, int maxItems, bool stripHtml = false)
    IList<RssItem> result = new List<RssItem>();
    XmlReader reader = XmlReader.Create(url);
    SyndicationFeed feed = null;
      feed = SyndicationFeed.Load(reader);
      return result;
    int totCount = 0;
    foreach (SyndicationItem item in feed.Items)
      if (totCount++ > maxItems)
      string subject = (item.Title == null ? "" : item.Title.Text);
      string summary = (item.Summary == null ? "" : item.Summary.Text);
      if (stripHtml)
        summary = HtmlHelper.RemoveHtmlTag(HtmlHelper.RemoveHtmlTag(HtmlHelper.RemoveHtmlTag(HtmlHelper.RemoveHtmlTag(HtmlHelper.RemoveHtmlTag(summary, "div"), "a"), "img"), "table"), "br");
      string id = item.Id;
      result.Add(new RssItem() { Title = subject, Summary = summary, Id = id});
    return result;