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Clearcase: How to remove the Clearcase view from Clearcase Register

How to remove the Clearcase view from Clearcase Register
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Step1) Determine a UUID of the View: cleartool lsview -long test (if needed you can add -region option) Tag: test Global path: \\host1\ccstg_e\views\test.vws Server host: host1 Region: dev Active: NO View tag uuid:c8b329ed.60814357.9806.26:55:85:75:e2:bf View on host: host1 View server access path: e:\ClearCase_Storage\views\test.vws View uuid: c8b329ed.60814357.9806.26:55:85:75:e2:bf View owner: DOM1\pippo STEP 2) Remove the registry entry using the -uuid option with unregister: > #cleartool unregister -view -uuid <uid> >cleartool unregister -view -uuid c8b329ed.60814357.9806.26:55:85:75:e2:bf STEP 3) Remove the tag entry using the cleartool rmtag command: cleartool rmtag -view STEP 4) Remove the view: cleartool rmview -force -all -uuid <uid>
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