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Modified Jun 28, 2013
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A simple script for MODO that reads current channel selection from scene and outputs it to Event Log.

A simple script for MODO that reads current channel selection from scene and outputs it to Event Log.:
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# python
""" Get Channel Selection.

    There is no utility class for handling channel selection
    like there is for items and scenes so it has to be done manually.

import lx

selection_service = lx.service.Selection()
chan_sel_type = selection_service.LookupType(lx.symbol.sSELTYP_CHANNEL)

""" Channel selection is stored in packets, like all other selections.
    Every packet contains information about one channel.
    To read channel selection we have to use ChannelPacketTranslation object
    that will decode selection packet and then we will be able to pull
    channel information from it.
    The line below initializes ChannelPacketTranslation object that is used to
    extract selection information from selection packet.
chan_transpacket = lx.object.ChannelPacketTranslation(selection_service.Allocate(lx.symbol.sSELTYP_CHANNEL))

""" To see how many elements of a given type are selected in scene
    we use selection service's Count method.
    We pass integer selection type code to the method,
    in our case it's channel selection type code.
chan_n = selection_service.Count(chan_sel_type)

""" Now we're going to loop through all channel packets and read them by index.
    To do that we're using selection service's ByIndex method passing it
    channel selection code and an index of a packet we want to get.
    The method returns a pointer to the packet. We're going to pass this pointer
    to translaction packet to extract single channel selection.
for x in xrange(chan_n):
    packet_pointer = selection_service.ByIndex(chan_sel_type, x)
    if not packet_pointer:
        lx.out('Bad selection packet, skipping...')
    """ Channel selection is 2 elements:
    item object the channel belongs to and a channel index.
    To pull this information out from packet we use Item and Index methods
    from ChannelPacketTranslation interface (that we already initialized) and
    we pass packet pointer to these methods.
    item = lx.object.Item(chan_transpacket.Item(packet_pointer))
    chan_idx = chan_transpacket.Index(packet_pointer)
    """ Show selection info in Event Log """
    lx.out('%s : %s' % (item.UniqueName(), item.ChannelName(chan_idx)))

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