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Useful commands for math in LaTeX

If in your document you use a lot of partial derivatives, matrices, etc.. these commands can be useful
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\newcommand{\fratop}[2]{\genfrac{}{}{0pt}{}{#1}{#2}} \newcommand{\mx}[1]{\mathbf{\bm{#1}}} % Matrix symbol \newcommand{\vc}[1]{\mathbf{\bm{#1}}} % Vector symbol \newcommand{\degree}{\ensuremath{^\circ}} % define the degree symbol \newcommand{\pder}[2]{\frac{\partial#1}{\partial#2}} % partial derivative \newcommand{\refframe}[1]{\mbox{\textless#1\textgreater}} % to denote a reference frame \DeclareMathOperator*{\argmin}{\arg\!\min} % argmin \DeclareMathOperator*{\argmax}{\arg\!\max} % argmax \DeclareMathOperator*{\dif}{\mathrm{d}} % d \DeclareMathOperator*{\half}{\frac{1}{2}} % one half \newcommand{\mat}[1]{\ensuremath{\begin{bmatrix}#1\end{bmatrix}}} % matrix \newcommand{\rank}[1]{\text{rank}(#1)} % rank \newcommand{\diag}[1]{\text{diag}(#1)} % diag \newcommand{\x}{\ensuremath{\times}}
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