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    public by simonwalker modified Dec 19, 2018  71  0  3  0

    Magento 2 Customer Attributes Extension | FME

    Pursue a user experience design of the sign-up form by adding easy to answer attributes using Magento 2 Customer Attributes Extension. This extension empowers you to put 10 types of attributes on a registration form to intake data from users.Now the next thing is that you can apply validation on custom attributes to avoid errors while entering data
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    public by Magesolution modified May 24, 2018  803  1  5  0

    Magento 2 Banner

    Main menu is one of the most important parts of a website. It is expected to include all necessary information and navigate the users to major pages of the website, moreover, it can flexibly display all categories or whatever content on a mouse-over without going through cumbersome steps. With our best experience, Magento Mega Menu is developed and

    public by Magesolution modified Mar 9, 2018  660  0  5  0

    Popup for Magento 2 By Magesolution

    Popup extension for Magento 2 is a great solution for those who want their visitors to be aware of all the latest and hot stuff on your store.This is a universal extension to create popups with any HTML content, image or form when pages load for grab customer attention. Promote your products, news, ads and events or collect information from users b				

    public by Magesolution modified Jul 17, 2018  363  0  5  0

    Magento 2 Advanced Reports

    Magento 2 Advanced Reports bring 8 report options for you. With this Magento extension you can easily check current/ past reports of products, customers, orders... in the back-end of your Magento site. Its vivid and modern look combined with clean code surely help you generate perfect solutions for your reporting with visual charts and tables. Get					

    public by simonwalker modified Jan 16, 2019  200  1  4  0

    Magento 2 Call For Price Extension By FME

    Magento 2 Call for price extension allows you to hide product prices from selected user groups or store views. You can replace the price option with ‘Get a quote’ popup, an image, or an alternative page. Subsequently, you can hide other Calls-to-action like ‘Add to Cart’, ‘Add to Wishlist’, and ‘Add to compare.’ Set conditions to restrict the price
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    public by Magesolution modified Jun 4, 2018  775  0  5  0

    Advanced Content Manager Magento 2 extension

    Advanced Content Manager Magento 2 extension by MGS assists administrator to create a variety of content types, eg. portfolio, testimonial, gallery, news, lookbook... and many other custom forms at light speed but effortlessly at the same time. This content builder is also a breakthrough in Magento 2 extension development owing to its uniqueness an				

    public by Magesolution modified Feb 12, 2018  953  1  5  0

    Product Tabs For Magento 2

    Magento 2 Product Tabs extension allow admin to edit and add unlimited tabs for product details page.Default of magento v2, product details page just showing 3 tabs are: Details, More Information and Reviews. With this extension admin can add unlimited tabs. The tab can be use static blocks or attributes. View more:
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    public by Magesolution modified Mar 2, 2018  597  1  5  0

    Instant Search For Magento 2

    Lightning-speed search suggestions for products, categories, CMS page and even Blog content. Instant Search extension provides users with quick drop-down suggestions on products, categories, content page or blog posts when they type in the keywords. Ability to display search results of products, categories, CMS page or Blog (compatible with Blog f					

    public by Magesolution modified Jan 18, 2018  287  0  5  0

    Lookbook For Magento 2

    Lookbook for Magento 2 is a magical tool which allows you to create multiple image collections for your products basing on the images you upload. What makes this extension so special and unique is that it offers a Pinning option for every image, i.e you can pin different images for products/ items onto the main image, which ultimately envisages a c
    The Lookbook is a magical tool which allows you to create multiple image collections for your products basing on the images you upload.						

    public by Magesolution modified Oct 3, 2018  144  0  4  0

    Drag & Drop Magento 2  — A Great Extension for Enhanced Navigation

    Drag & Drop Magento 2 by Magesolution is a great extension for enhanced navigation lowing admin to offer a brief description of the site withintop navigation section. The extension is highly customizable, allowing store owners to improve the website navigation in a professional way as this makes it possible to organize your eCommerce website produc
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