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    Delphi XE8 Application handling and 3rd party exception handling tools

    I have given to maintain a project in delphi for which I don't have a clue :). It was converted to XE8 from D5. So it has a lot of custom things ( I am replacing some custom Object lists with Dictionaries since Dictionaries didn't exist in D5). The main application is extending TForm and in the FormCreate method contains this line Application.OnEx
    I use EurekaLog and there are a couple of cases that it doesn't capture the exceptions.
    For example, if your app is multi-threaded and it is closing, threads are shutting down and it may happen that EL will not have the time to capture the exception.
    You may also have configured EL to ignore specific exceptions. Check the options in the EL settings window.
    Make sure that EL is configured for the type of app you have (VCL/FMX/etc.). This is the first option in the EL options windows.
    Make sure that the debugger produces detailed map file (ProjectOptionsCompilerLinkingMap file -- Detailed)
    The last thing I can think of is EL is not properly installed. Go to ProjectView Source. If EL is activated for your project, you should be able to see a number of units (EMemLeak, etc....) before the System.StartUpCopy.
    BTW, which version of EL do you have?
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