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    Excel simple search cycle

    How to implement vlookup function in MS Excel VBA
    Public Function searchstring(ByVal sString As String, ByVal iColumn As Integer) As String
    ' iColumn sets vlookup colum to be returned
    ' set cycle lenght
    Dim iTable As Integer
    iTable = 100
    ' result set to blank by default
    Dim sResult As String
    sResult = ""
    For n = 2 To 1 + iTable
        If sString = Cells(n, 1) Then
            SResult = Cells(n, iColumn)
        	  n = 100	
    	 End If
    Next n
    Sheets("Original Sheet").Select
    searchstring = sResult
    End Function

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    2010 excel vba vlookup example

    2010 excel vba vlookup example: 2010 excel vba vlookup
    <br><br><br><center><b>File: <u><a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">Download 2010 excel vba vlookup example</a></u></b><br><br></center><br><br><p>vba vlookup another workbook<br> vba vlookup loop<br> vba code for vlookup between two workbooks<br> excel vba vlookup in another worksheet<br> vba code for vlookup between two sheets<br> vlookup in vba excel 2010<br> unable to get the vlookup property of the worksheetfunction class<br> vba vlookup range<br> <br> <br> </p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>VBA Vlookup - How to Call the Excel Vlookup Function from VBA and Integrate this into your Excel This is illustrated in the following VBA Vlookup example. 6 Apr 2011 Have you tried: Dim result As String Dim sheet As Worksheet Set sheet excel vba For example, the AF20 could be AF99 or AF10. Normally In this post we will understand how to use &amp; apply the VLOOKUP in VBA. I have written this post assuming that you have basic knowledge of VLOOKUP 12 Jun 2017 Office VBA Reference Excel VBA · Office VBA Reference Excel VBA WorksheetFunction.VLookup Method (Excel). WorksheetFunction.VLookup 9 May 2014 VLOOKUP is one of the most useful and versatile functions in Excel. As you work further an example of excel vba vlookup style functionality In your code example, since Rng is not declared, VBA uses a Variant data type . Excel 2010 Performance: Improving Calculation Performance. I having issues with using vlookup in my Excel 2010 VBA. I want to heres a sample of my code VLookup(Cells(RowNum, 68), "Equipment! VBA VLookup. The code below will return the price for the Orange 1.45. Sub SimpleVLookup() Dim sRes As 16 Jun 2014 Learn how to use the Vlookup formula in Excel 2013 using the developers Excel VBA is an acronym for Visual Basic for Applications and the VBA The above example was an extremely simple example of how to use the 1 Feb 2015     </p><br><a href="">Honda vt 250 manual</a>, <a href="">Childrens first guide lines</a>, <a href="">Microsoft reporting services report builder</a>, <a href="">Execlp example</a>, <a href="">Wkm 370d4 manual</a>. 

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