def decide_in_the_right_way(a, b, c):
    return True if one of the conditions holds true

    using innner functions which express the conditions in 
    in an easily understandable form

    def decision1(a, b, c):
        return a < 12 and b*c > 80

    def decision2(a, b, c):
        return 12 and b*c/a > 20

    def decision3(a, b, c):
        def sensibly_named_condition(b, c):
            return 10 <= b*c <= 15
        return a < 0 or sensibly_named_condition(b,c)

    # ... and a bunch of other similar boolean functions..
    # collect the decision functions in a list
    decisions = [decision_fv for name, decision_fv in locals().items() 
                      if name.startswith("decision")]

    # note the use of "for ... else"!
    for decision in decisions:
        result =  decision(a, b, c)
        if result: break
        result = False # executed only if no "break" occurred in the loop
    return result # note that the function has a single exit point